With This Guide You Will Learn How To Destroy Bed Bugs in a Day

Bed-bug-picturesBed bugs have been in our homes, in our beds in our lives for far too long. I have done extensive research on the media and the conclusion was that bed bugs epidemic has spread nationwide.

The obvious solution of hiring an exterminator was not an option for me. For example this reporter from the Washington post paid $7000 for extermination services. In my world that is crazy money, so I decided to delve deeper into possible alternative solutions… if there were any.

According to my research there are 3 mainline solutions:

  1. Exterminators
  2. Bed bug sprays
  3. Bed bug traps

According to reviews from hundreds of people number 3 – the Bed bug traps do not work at all, so be wary if the thought of buying a device like that has entered your mind. Number one(Exterminators) is a good solution if you can cash out in thousands. But if you are a normal mortal like me, I started looking into bed bug sprays a lot more.

  1. Do they work? What are their negatives?  3. How much do they cost?

To answer your questions, 1. Yes – 2. None – 3. next to nothing.  According to my research even exterminators buy the sprays and use them themselves when exterminating a house with bed bugs. So why not skip the middle man and do it ourselves?

Extermination services are overpriced, especially for manageable pests like bed bugs. It might seem a big problem right now. But with the right product in your hands you can get rid on them yourself today.

I was thinking that the sprays might be toxic, I wouldn’t know what to do, but those things are not true at all. The truth is, you get the better sprays which are not only completely natural, but completely safe to use for anyone, pets, children you name it. They don’t have a smell and kill bed bugs on contact.

So just get the spray, use it on the affected areas. Make sure you are thorough and the bed bugs will not live to bite another day.

So what should you get?

There are dozens of sprays available. You can try and find a suitable spray yourself, if you can invest the time and do proper research and if you find one with attributes I wrote about above, there is a big chance it will work.

If you want to know my recommendation and a spray that is guaranteed to work, I would say get an established spray like SayByeBugs. It has everything I wrote about above, it’s natural, safe for animals, kids and comes with a very reasonable price. Learn more about SayByeBugs extermination spray here.