USA Hit With The Worst Bed Bug Crisis in the last decades? Scientists May Have Found a Way!

Bed Bug EpidemicBed bugs are becoming a national epidemic.

The CBS News Early Show reports that across the country, bed bug infestations are becoming so common that exterminators can barely keep up.

Lack of Hygiene is not the Problem

Over the last two decades bed bugs, once thought eradicated in industrialized countries, had reappeared as a global scourge. These nasty insects are infesting not just low-income housing but also expensive hotels and apartments, and public venues such as stores, movie theatres, libraries and even public transit. Contrary to the popular belief bed bugs are not prevalent in areas where there is a lack of hygiene.

And while these blood-sucking pests were previously not considered a carrier of disease, scientists have recently discovered they can transmit the pathogen that causes Chagas disease, which is prevalent in Central and South America. Yet until now, tools for destroying these pests have been expensive and technically challenging to use. Exterminator’s steep prices(upwards of $1000) have forced scientists to look for solutions that can be more readily available to the general public.

Scientists May Have Found a Solution!

After years a team of researchers may have found a solution, a natural active ingredient that works by attacking the bed bugs exoskeleton and destroying it in seconds. The ingredient is completely and pet friendly and can be used on any linen without staining it.

It works by destroying bed bugs in all stages of development and it thus disturbs their mating cycle which makes it extremely effective when fighting an infestation.
The formula was immediately put to the test in a University Entomology and Nematology department. Shortly after they confirmed that the formula indeed does destroy bed bugs instantly in all cases of testing.

Products such as SayByeBugs utilize this natural active ingredient and offer a very affordable alternative to exterminators.

SayByeBugs is a family friendly alternative to fumigation and toxic chemicals, that works by attacking the bed bugs exoskeleton and destroying it in seconds.