Bed Bug Spray On “Steroids” Protects Your Family Without Toxic Chemicals?

29116“Apparently I recently had bed bugs. No signs of them other than getting eaten alive between my shoulder blades.

No live bugs, no fecal that I could see, no blood marks and even checked under the sheets just before dawn. Still no signs.

But I knew I was getting bitten by something and it was happening during the night which was freaking me out to say the least. And oh my word do those bites itch like crazy!”


“Bought 2 bottles of SayByeBugs. Stripped the bed and washed linen in hot water. I sprayed the mattress and box spring all over (I know you said a light spray but I was nervous and sprayed EVERYWHERE).

I had read that, like lice, it wasn’t about being clean or dirty because I’m a little OCD on cleanliness. But I also read that bed bugs like to hide in the cracks of furniture, especially those that are old like curbside or thrift store furniture.”

Facts about bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that rely on the blood of humans or animals to survive. As babies, they are as tiny as pinheads. A full-grown adult that’s been making a nightly meal of you can balloon to the size of Lincoln’s head on the penny. These little parasites are nocturnal and hate light, so they wait until the dark to creep out for their meals, which is why it can take so long to discover you’ve been sharing your home with them.

How I finally got rid of bed bugs

“Ding ding ding. That was the light. I have a renewed furniture shop and I am constantly bringing in old pieces. So that’s where they came from. Now to rid of them.

So I’m spraying the mattress, box springs, carpet, curtains and surrounding furniture. I do this 2 days in a row. My “bite marks” are healing and I haven’t had any more bites since. So long story short, you have truly been my hero. Thank you for rescuing me without me having to empty my savings account and for your product to work so quickly and give me back my peace to go to sleep without worry of being a bug’s buffet.

Thank you. I will continue to buy!!!!!!”

Step 1 – Build your kit:

Click here to get your SayByeBugs kit! We’re not sure for how much longer the promotion is going to stay active, so hurry…

Step 2:

Spray SayByeBugs around your bed or under your mattress to destroy bed bugs.

It’s really that easy!


“This stuff WORKS! …. It stopped the infestation almost within two days. …

Over a period of a couple months we did see a couple. After another spray, nothing for another month then only one. Nothing more since . … With the other products we tried we had to keep spraying every other day.”

“I had fought some nasty bedbugs for several months until I found SayByeBugs. I have been bedbug free since March 19, 2016.”

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  • Rita

    Thank you for your video and words of encouragement.

  • Timmy CARROLL

    Did yall say it would,kill all eggs in the bed;what is the main ingredients in this star
    What is the main ingredient in this product?

  • Isabelle

    How do I know if I my bed has bedbugs?

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Timmy,
    The spray has a highly effective water based formula with a highly effective active ingredient (you can check SayByeBugs website for full ingredient list) that violently reacts with bed bug’s exoskeleton and eggs and exterminates them on contact.

  • BedBugGuide


    If you’d uncover your bed lining you could find their nesting grounds filled with excrement or even find a few live ones (adult females lay hundreds of eggs in their short lifetimes). You will know you’ve been bitten by a bed bug if you have several red itchy spots that are often spaced in lines. Most common place for bed bugs to bite are arms and shoulders. You might also find blood stains on your bed and your sheets. Finding fecal spots or skin from their shedding is a sure sign too. Good luck!

  • Eric Christian

    Sodium Lauryl sulfate. An ingredient used in many ccosmetics

  • Crystal Miller

    I found one bedbug in my home checked myself for them and also had a professional come in and check also spraying they found nothing. Should I leave it alone or try the saybyebugs?

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Crystal, SayByeBugs is also great to have “just in case”. This way if you notice another one you can quickly act and spray around your bed.

  • fran

    Can the spray be used directly on clothing in closets. Also can it be used directly on carupholstery and in trunK?

  • Kimberly O'Hanlon

    Me and my husband have spotted bed bugs in our bed and dont know how to get rid of them…we never had them before so we sont know what to do…what store can we go to in order to get this SayByeBugs spray??

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Kimberly, right now it’s only offered on the official website with 4 day priority shipping.

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Fran, SayByeBugs spray is water based, you you can safely use it on all surfaces and clothing. Let us know how it worked for you.

  • Lynn Poteat-Moore

    I’m freaking out! I only found 1 but I’m going crazy up all night splashing cold water on my neck and arms. I swear these things are crawling on me at all times. My questions is my pets sleep with me and I don’t know if they are suffering as well. Will this product hurt them if licked. And are any other bugs affected buy the product!

  • Ryan Haley Bell

    Very helpful thank you! We have had these pests for almost a year trying everything we could. Not fun when you’re big and pregnant and want to sleep. I unfortunately had to bring my brand new baby home to a buggy apartment…. we moved two days ago and got rid of the couch and bed. Washed and dried every piece of clothing and then sprayed the clothes with this spray. I haven’t seen a single bug or had any bites. And I’m really glad this spray is safe for my daughter and my pet

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Lynn, bed bugs typically don’t feed on pets and prefer humans. Spray is completely pet safe and is not toxic if your pet happens to lick it. It exterminates bed bugs but also works on fleas and other pests.

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Ryan, thanks so much for your kind review. We’re really happy SayByeBugs spray worked for you!