7 Crazy Facts About Bed Bugs – Infographic

Bed Bug Crazy Facts

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  • Faylinn

    I just moved to a new state where the locals say that bed bugs are pretty common here. I am definitely going to want to get a protective cover for my mattress to help me prevent any bugs from settling there. However, what are some signs that furniture, like beds and bugs, have bed bugs in them? Some of the furniture that I have came with the apartment and so it would probably be a good idea to make sure that they are not infested.

  • Jormell mack

    It work

  • Sharon Davis

    Believe me, they do. Bedbugs get on couches and chairs. I’ve seen them. They can stang in vacuum cleaners too so vacuum often but clean out your canister or bag. They can crawl long areas too. Be safe.

  • Pamela Hawthorne

    I had bed bugs a few months ago. I am now staying with my brother, who also had them in his bedroom. He “heat treated” the room. We haven’t seen any in the 4 months I’ve been here. He loaned me a sheet for my air mattress and was going to wash it when he found one bed bug on it. Should I be concerned?

  • Betsy

    Stellar work there evnyeore. I’ll keep on reading.

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