7 Crazy Facts About Bed Bugs – Infographic

Bed Bug Crazy Facts

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  • Faylinn

    I just moved to a new state where the locals say that bed bugs are pretty common here. I am definitely going to want to get a protective cover for my mattress to help me prevent any bugs from settling there. However, what are some signs that furniture, like beds and bugs, have bed bugs in them? Some of the furniture that I have came with the apartment and so it would probably be a good idea to make sure that they are not infested.

  • Jormell mack

    It work

  • Sharon Davis

    Believe me, they do. Bedbugs get on couches and chairs. I’ve seen them. They can stang in vacuum cleaners too so vacuum often but clean out your canister or bag. They can crawl long areas too. Be safe.

  • Pamela Hawthorne

    I had bed bugs a few months ago. I am now staying with my brother, who also had them in his bedroom. He “heat treated” the room. We haven’t seen any in the 4 months I’ve been here. He loaned me a sheet for my air mattress and was going to wash it when he found one bed bug on it. Should I be concerned?

  • Wanda Long

    I totally took my bed a part even the hinges. And I steam my bed and took the cover off of box spring. I have tempera please. And it covers the hole mattress. Anyway I steamed far 8 hours. Before I steamed it is broke it down 2 times before. And my husband went to Lumber store and got me a gallon jug of bed bug killer. I haven’t been bitten sent. But I think I should steam and brake down my bed agin. I am so afraid they’ll be back.

  • Betsy

    Stellar work there evnyeore. I’ll keep on reading.

  • cassie

    I have treated with pesticides,for the past 2 weeks off and on. i now am finding bugs crawling. are they dying or getting worse?

  • Tammy Shufelt

    Thank you so much. It works.
    I used 91% rubbing alcohol all over my apartment for five days, before say bye bug’s was shipped to my home. I have not found any new bites on my skin. My cat is more relaxed . Great ful for the product. I continue to spray daily. Just for my piece of mind.
    Thank you

  • Carol Ann Poisson

    Where can we buy this spray? Living in a high rise we get them all the time. I have had my apartment treated with extreme heat 5 years ago. They are coming back. I want to stop it before they get worse. Thank you

    Carol Ann Poisson

  • April Goode

    We are having them at night we need help

  • Jonathan demetruis smith-el

    I live with a lady that got bed bug in house from pile of clothes in baskets bed bugs at medical facility in st. Charles mo its possible brought here to the point where nasty clothes clothes in basket in son room closet basket etc. Its like house. Marr lane st charles habilitation center then. Its this old nasty dog max. Its unsanitary not to take a bath when hot water i take it in cold. 1st time i saw a bug i hopped of bed this second time i threw it in trash can now im starting to believe they are like termite to. These things are nasty. So now i need to infumagated the whole house.

  • Amanda Edwardson

    So I’ve gone into an apartment a few times in a 3-week time period that has been infested with bed bugs. I have not seen any signs of bite marks on my skin nor have I seen any bed bug activity but I bought this spray just in case. Should I still spray it even if I haven’t seen any yet, or would that make things worse?
    I am very nervous for getting bed bugs since I live in an apartment with two roommates. Any information would be helpful and very appreciative.
    Thank you

  • Amanda lynn stevens

    Tell me what is he best solution to get rid of bed bugs and keep them from infestating my home

  • Walter Clay

    Was getting bit through the night at a motel I stayed in last night.have welts in lots of places.curious to know about what to do with my luggage and the clothes in it.wash all in hot water right? What about the luggage

  • Shaz Bonny

    In the last few years of the Obummer administration, bed bugs have made a come back due to high volume immigration.

  • Tommy

    Im waiting on next six pack of spray , I totally wrapped my chair in 4mil plastic , saw bugs , was this dumb , will they die with no food or stay and multiply

  • kristy hannan

    I had bed bug and I sprayed the crap put of every thing and baged up every thing and left it out I the hot summer heat of over a 100 degrees and sprayed again and still keeper every thing bagged up just before their breeding cycle came about and again the same period of time just before the breeding cycle would begin in case their were any straggles so they would die before breeding and still one one more time then I put boric acid along the crevasse of the carpet and walls and if i vacuum the edges I would relay down the boric acid I did not have bed bug again after that even though my roommate who did not follow my advise had the and got rid of the so he thought only for him to be infested with the again and had to do his room when he moved out because he had bed bugs while I did not it worked for me in this,way

  • Rishika

    bed bugs will hide behind light switches on the wall; underneath peeling paint and wallpaper; or in the gap between the walls and baseboards. They can ultimately be anywhere….

  • Diana githens

    Have been in a motel for several months…only the past week have i gotten bit …how did they get in here?

  • Roberta Goldin

    I’m deathly afraid of bugs and want to stay in a bed bug free hotel in NYC.

  • William D Kennedy

    i want to know the full proof way of getting rid of these bed bugs?

  • Melonie Brown

    Ok, I keep seeing them evey once in a while, does this mean I have a infestation? I can’t afford to get a pest control person out here, I think they are in the wood, I don’t know it’s not bad but I need to treat this soon. But don’t know how.

  • Jason Edward DeMoss

    This shit is fucked up please help need quick long lasting results thxz God bless

  • BedBugGuide

    You can try our products. We have had many satisfied clients as you can see from the videos https://www.saybyebugs.com/#video. Most customers who spray twice a day say they have seen no more signs of bugs after around two weeks.

  • Sedric Smith

    I’m a new customer and the product killed them almost immediately of course there will always be stragglers left over.
    Stay with the program and stay in front of the problem
    It really works and you will save so much more money
    I promise.
    Your’s sincerely happy customer.

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