Bed Bug Extermination and how to protect your loved ones

Bed-bug-picturesAs a premium, accredited and recognized seller of US EPA approved insecticides and pesticides we have you and your family’s safety as our number one priority when you purchase pesticides from us for combating bed bugs.


Please carefully take into consideration the following steps to ensure that your family and you are safe from the pesticides you lay down, or are considering purchasing for application within your home:


  • First and foremost, never leave any of our pesticide or insecticide products out in the open, or unsecure, especially if you have a house that has small children, or visiting, youth and babies. Many pesticides used to combat bed bugs can be fatal if consumed, such as the Desiccant, Boric Acid for example which can be highly toxic if consumed.


  • It’s advisable to always keep your pesticides and insecticides that you purchase from us in their original containers, to ensure no confusion or accidental consumption ever takes place, especially with young children.


  • Make sure, even if you’ve just purchased it and are not going to use it yet, that the lid is secured tightly and correctly as each should come with a child-proof lid-lock. In addition to this, all harmful chemicals, especially bed bug pesticides, should be kept out of reach of children and the younger ones so consider making a special, locked, drawer or cabinet just for these!


  • If you are going to be away from home, not only ensure that our bed bug products are secure and locked away, but also notify whoever will be in charge of your home where they are located so that dangerous situations and accidents can be averted.


  • Never, ever, leave a pesticide alone by itself, even if it’s half open, as the liquid and chemicals can still come out of the bottle, even if only a little bit, and cause serious injury or sickness to little ones.


  • Lastly, consider crawling around on the floors of your own home, imitating the same experience a younger one might have, to help identify whether or not all pesticides or bed bug poisons and traps are out of reach of children. Using this technique will also allow you to gauge whether or not any bed bug strip traps or bed bug contact-spray residue has been left out in the open, or in a vulnerable place that a child could attempt to consume or play with it.



For many of us, pets are especially important to us and fill a similar role comparable to a family member. Because of this, we’ve outlined briefly a few steps to ensure your pets are safe, as well as not transmitting poisons from themselves to others, or bed bugs, especially to young ones. Take into consideration the following:


  • If you are going to let your pets outside, make sure they have adequate preventative poison control or repellent to stop and discourage common traveling insects such as bed bugs from invading your home.


  • Wash your pets regularly, with specialized shampoos such as that in which are safe for your animal, but deadly for bed bugs. For example, for a chemical approach consider washing them with an anti-parasite shampoo if you have suspicions of bed bugs or other reason to believe they might be transmitting bed bugs somehow into your home. A more natural approach could be mixing cedar oil into an animal shampoo to kill off bed bugs and their eggs, or ‘nymphs’.
  • Make sure you read the bottle of the product you intend to use to combat bed bugs on your animals to ensure you are using it properly, safely, and meaningfully.


  • Just as you would do with ‘baby-proofing’ your home, also do a ‘crawl around’ and make sure there are no places down low (Dogs) or up high (Cats) that bed bug traps or poison can be easily reached and consumed. Not only are these chemicals dangerously powerful on contact for animals, but all the worse if the animal then transmits or shares the residue or trap with one of your young loved ones.


  • Always keep the instructions for pesticides and insecticides, especially ones for bed bugs, as they give pertinent warnings such as how to handle, treat, or seek medical attention and solutions for people and animals exposed to bed bug chemicals and poisons. Our products include poison control centers and other help hotlines, as well as customer service lines for dealing with any questions regarding adverse-reactions to our bed bug pesticides, as well as other traps and chemical agents.



Keeping in mind all of these steps, following our instructions, the instructions of your product, and the US EPA warnings, your bound to have a much safer, desirable experience and outcome with your bed bug infestation, or prevention efforts!




If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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