What to trust to kill bed bugs – Indoor and Outdoor Pesticides.

Home-Remedies-for-Bed-BugsIt can be very difficult to get rid of bed bugs, and even humiliating if you have them in your home—as you are unlikely to invite over company!

When treating your home or business for bed bugs, it’s important to appreciate that without the proper measures of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), it’s unlikely that you will successfully, or completely, rid your home of bed bugs. There are a multitude of preventative as well as necessary measures to take before applying pesticides, ‘smoke bomb’ pesticides, and even laying down traps for bed bugs. For example, some of these include using excessive heat or cold temperatures to treat likely effected furniture and other personal items. Other steps including removing clutter from your home, and ‘sealing’ (and of course evacuating for a period of time) your home off so that bed bugs cannot attempt to successfully escape the pesticides or insecticides.

Always remember, above all else, never use a pesticide or insecticide for off-label use or where it’s not approved to be used by the US EPA, as results can be fatal.

We strongly value our customers safety and satisfaction, so we want to make sure you understand the different types of products and chemicals we sell to our consumers. Below we have outlined a few Indoor and Outdoor insecticides.

Contact insecticides—Understand that although highly effective against bed bugs, this measure and chemical is only going to be practical if you can ensure direct contact with the target, or eggs. Often, this is not the case, as bed bugs are so tiny you would in most cases require a magnifying class to see them or their nymphs (babies). However, in some cases, when the bed bugs have already fed, they will of course be larger, with red inside of them, and more visible in some instances to the naked eye. There are additional sprays such as this, that guarantee “prevention”, but in reality without the bed bug spending ample amount of time sitting on or eating the poison, it’s unlikely it will have any effect at all. This form of insecticide against bed bugs can be used both indoors and outdoors—perhaps on your outdoor patio?

Insecticidal Dusts—While there are different types of these products for killing bed bugs, this one can be more hazardous to your and your loved one’s health—even pets, as the dust is a very potent chemical. Although this may be most practical for indoor use, it’s worth noting that application should be used with great discretion, only in places likes holes in the wall, corners, crevices, or cracks as to avoid direct contact or frequent inhalation of said chemicals when you and your loved one’s are home.

While this type of insecticide can be considered hazardous to be used indoors, many might argue that it’s purpose would be, in most cases, useless outdoors due to wind and other weather elements that would otherwise destroy or defeat the purpose of this bed bug extermination approach.

“Bug Grenades and Foggers”–While consumers might think that this is the most effective measure against ridding their home of bed bugs, this frequently is not the case. That is, without completely emptying your house of all furniture and personal belongings, it’s impractical to assume that such a chemical could be effective in reaching and being potent enough by the time it does so in effectively killing bed bugs. Also, this method is likely to cause bed bugs to disburse, and make it all the more difficult to treat and kill them off within your home. Not all of these “Foggers” are approved by the US EPA, and even the ones that are have been reported to cause house fires and explosions, so consider using these with caution.

Pyrethroids–Per previous documentation and articles available on our website, we briefly discussed pyrethroids as a pesticide for being used against bed bugs. However, out of all the chemical options and solutions you have available to you, this one is commonly least effective—dependent upon the type of bed bug. Many bed bugs have surprisingly built up an immunity to said chemical agent, and in turn may easily just wind up being a waste of your money.

In fact, if you believe that your infestation is so severe that you would be willing to take such measures, it’s possible that a professional exterminator may be what you need. But first, take into consideration other chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides that we sell, as some are much more powerful and complex than others, and each serve a unique purpose. Our products are guaranteed, if used correctly, to help you get rid of bed bugs.

Make sure, again, that you always read the instructions label on your pesticide or insecticide, and ensure that you’re using it in the ways in which it was designed to be used. Be careful, as many other sellers and resellers online are simply not selling US EPA approved pesticides and can be very dangerous.

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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