Does SayByeBugs Really Work? Video Proof + Reviews

Want to see how SayByeBugs works on live bed bugs? This video will show you just how deadly it is and that it works in just seconds:

Watch just how deadly SayByeBugs is to bed bugs in these videos:

SayByeBugs put to the test (an unbiased review by a customer):

And what do customers say about SayByeBugs spray?

  1. “I have already purchased your spray products and your detergent additive to wash all laundry. The results have been amazing! I have noticed that since I used your products I have not seen a single bug nor experienced a single bite! I certainly will continue my use of your products and to read your very informative and helpful information. God bless you.” – Arthur N. R.
  2. “The product works absolutely great! I had never even seen a bed bug till a family member got them! We started getting some bites so we immediately bought your product & haven’t had a bite since! We would recommend it to anyone!” – M. D.
  3. “My husband is a prominent travel agent, but much to my chagrin we picked up bed bugs while staying in some of the finest hotels.
    I learned of your product through a young man who was traveling with a tour group. After suffering with unsightly bites and an infestation at home, I was eventually able to rid myself and my household of this dastardly problem by using your product.
    Thank you!” – Sue K.
  4. “This stuff works like magic!!!” – Rhonda B.

To read more about SayByeBugs and see what other people are saying about it visit the official website at

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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  • Gloria Ross

    Do you have to spray the bug 🐜 or can you spray your mattress and kill them when they come in contact with the chemical?

  • Joyce Jean mellenthin

    That’s looks like it works I need to get rid of bedbugs

  • Kate Oyler

    I rented a bedroom out to someone who was down on her luck…well she brought her bad luck, sleazy daughters and bed bugs into my house. I wish I’d known about this product then because I had to use a steam buggy and steam every square inch of my house TWICE!! Plus I took the beds and furniture apart as well launder every piece of cloth in the house! The heat did work but it was a massive job and left me with the HEEBEE-JEEBEES for months! My husband and I love to travel but I will not take another trip without first ordering this product. Thank you SO MUCH!

  • Maria vega

    I order this spray would like to know if they have already send the spray

  • BedBugGuide

    Hello Maria,
    Could you please send us your order number that we can check this for you.

  • Kala Brown

    Do you sell this product in stores?

  • BedBugGuide

    For now our products are available only on our website.

  • marie 193

    where to buy say by to bed bug bitres

  • marie allen

    where to buy bes buy products

  • Terry m. Thomas

    Is this a contact spray,or will it kill when they walk in the area sprayed.please be specific,and honest.thanks

  • BedBugGuide

    Our spray kills the bugs or eggs on contact only. Spray will kill bed bugs until the sprayed surface is wet and they come in contact with it. If the bugs or eggs are not present then it will not kill with residual effect.

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