Bed Bug News Roundup – Top Bed Bug Stories for April-May 2018

In the world of bed bugs and pest control, there are always plenty of interesting stories making the news each week. At Bed Bug Guide, we like to keep ourselves well informed about the latest developments. This is the eleventh in our series of regular news roundups, in which we summarize the top headlines that grabbed our attention over the past month.

1. Florida Housing Authority Says Residents to Blame for Recurring Bed Bug Infestation
The Housing Authority of Lakeland, Florida says residents must share the blame for a recurring infestation of bed bugs. Senior citizens residing at the Renaissance at Washington Ridge apartment complex have been coping with the bloodsucking pests since April. The Housing Authority has cleaned and sprayed multiple units, and has also used a bug-sniffing canine to locate the insects, however the problems continue to resurface. When local reporters visited the complex this month, bugs were still present and residents were concerned about the infestation. Housing Authority spokesman Benjamin Stevenson said the apartments experience an infestation at least once per year, and residents are partly to blame due to dumpster diving, hoarding, and unsanitary habits.

2. Texas Apartment Residents Angry About Bed Bug Infestation
Tenants of the Spanish Villas Apartments in Grand Prairie, Texas, are furious over an infestation of bed bugs that they claim was introduced by workers who dumped piles of bed bug infested furniture outside one of the units in the complex. Residents claim the bugs are crawling around all of the discarded furniture. They have placed signs around the building to warn that the furniture is infested. They say the bugs are creeping closer to their homes every day. “It’s like right there by my apartment,” said Heather Mancera. “That could cause all my stuff to have bed bugs too.” The complex manager, Alberto, said the problem was discovered after evicting tenants from a unit last month. When asked why the workers placed the furniture so close to other homes, Albert explained that he had sprayed the belongings with insect repellant. City of Grand Prairie staffers concede that the spray would not have killed the bed bugs.

3. Bed Bugs on the Rise in Hotels and Motels Throughout the USA
Bed bugs have reached epidemic levels in hotel and motel rooms across the United States. When Coachella festivalgoer Lillian Almario checked in to Palm Springs Motel with three friends last month, the last thing she expected was to check out with dozens of bed bug bites. Unfortunately, soon after checking in, she and her friends discovered their rooms to be infested with the pesky bloodsuckers, with insects visible on the beds and furniture. “The very first night we woke up with bites,” Almario told reporters. “It was painful. We were scratching a lot”. They requested alternative rooms, but the hotel was full, so the women ended up sleeping in their cars. Almario showed photos of the bites and bugs to a team of local reporters who have been exposing sanitation issues at Southern California hotels and motels.

4. South Carolina Student Suffers Bad Reaction to Bed Bug Bites at School
A 15-year-old high school student from Marlboro County, South Carolina, suffered an allergic reaction after being bitten by bed bugs last month in her school’s computer lab. “When she left school Tuesday morning, she was fine,” said the girl’s mother. “When she come home, they were bite marks on her where she sat in a computer lab. Where she was getting bit by something and she addressed it to the substitute and the substitute said, ‘That’s Marlboro County High School for you.'” The woman said her daughter has been to three different doctors and now needs to visit a specialist. The school sent a letter home to the parents of each student in the affected class, and administrators with Marlboro County School District are investigating the situation.

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