Do bed bugs bite dogs? Do they *live* on them?

Bed bug, or otherwise known as  Cimex lectularius is a bug that’s evolved to feed on humans. Though there are other bugs from the family “Cimex” that specialize in other animals such as bats, our foe specifically likes to infest human beds and feed on human blood.

Of course that’s great news for our little friends. Dogs and cats just aren’t on bed bug’s menu! It’s been known that from time to time, if times are extremely though for the bed bug, it might infest a dog’s bed but it simply wasn’t engineered to navigate througDog sniffing bed bugsh dog’s or cat’s fur so our pets are their last resort. So a bed bug bite on a dog is extremely rare and if you have them they’ll much prefer to feed on humans.

In fact dogs are used to sniff out bed bugs after they’re trained to locate them. Those highly trained dogs can find a single bed bug in your home. That’s incredible because even a single bed bug can be the cause for a whole new infestation.

The problem is if you’re experiencing a serious bed bug infestation you can’t really know for sure if a bed bug isn’t hiding on a cat’s or dog’s bed. Therefore it’s best to wash it with a specialized detergent or use a high temperature to treat it.

Since bed bugs haven’t evolved to navigate an animal’s fur they won’t make it their home either. They do love bed frames, box springs and mattress covers though! And those spaces are all you can easily spray and destroy bed bugs who tried it making their home.

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