Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Bed bugs heat treatmentHeat=Bed Bug’s Natural Enemy

Since so many bed bug treatments are beginning to fail due to chemical resistance, it is important to find ways to take a more strategic approach to total bed bug eradication. Bed bugs heat treatment is easy to use and  very effective in killing bed bugs.

Access To Very Hot Wash Cycle Is Key

One of the most easy ways to prevent or eliminate bed bugs and their eggs is to make sure to use the hottest setting on your washing machine. Modern washers often have a factory installed sanitary wash cycle that is designed to completely sanitize whatever you are washing. If you use a laundry service they are likely doing this for you already.

Commercial laundromats almost always have washers that are capable of sanitizing what you wash. If your home washer does not have an adequate wash cycle.

Steam Cleaning=Cheap and Effective Solution

While you may be thinking that the last thing you want is an expensive cleaning system adding to the clutter of your house, you should reconsider. Bed bug heat treatment with a steam cleaner can totally eliminate bed bugs in mattresses, box springs, couches, and other hard to clean areas. If you don’t want to invest you can rent one at many home improvement stores.

If you have a lot of stuff to steam clean you may want to rent a larger machine and then buy a  smaller one for regular use throughout the home. A steam cleaner is great for cleaning curtains as well, another place that bed bugs love to live.

Dry Your Clothes In A Clothes Dryer Instead Of A Clothesline

While there is nothing like the smell of fresh laundry from the line, drying this way will not kill bed bugs or their eggs. If you don’t have a washing machine that gets hot enough to kill bed bugs, you can do so by drying clothes on the hottest dryer setting. Running the dryer for a slightly longer period of time can drastically reduce the chances of bed bugs infesting your home.

Buy A Hair Dryer

If you suspect an area has bed bugs you can use your hair dryer to apply a lethal dose of heat. This is only suitable for small items as you don’t want to overheat your dryer or wear it out too quickly. Heat must be applied for 10 minutes to reach full effectiveness.

Create A Heat Chamber Or Purchase One

Heating items to 120 degrees for a period of 9-12 minutes will eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Specially designed chambers for treating bedding, clothing, backpacks, and other small items are available. You can also make your own heat chamber if you are careful. This requires the use of Polystyrene sheets and space heaters.

If you travel a lot, a portable heat chamber that plugs into conventional outlets may be a good investment to prevent bringing bed bugs home. They fold up for easy transport and don’t weigh much at all. Although it takes longer to treat items than using a clothes dryer, it is more convenient than using a dryer while traveling.

Whole House Heat Treatment

Professional companies exist that will bring large heaters to your home and treat the entire space with extreme heat in order to kill all bed bugs and eggs. This is an extreme thing to do because it is much more costly than eliminating the bed bugs yourself. If you have a large space or need to get rid of bugs as soon as possible, it may be a good solution.

Bed bugs heat treatment for an entire home can take up the large part of a day so you will have to find a place for you, family members, and pets to stay while it is going on. Since the heat that a home is treated with will reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit, you will also need to remove any plants from the home.

Heat Treatments Combine Well With Other Methods

Getting rid of bed bugs can be stressful. Heat treatments combined with sprays and being proactive about noticing signs of infestation, can help reduce the chances of the problem getting worse or returning. For many people, heat is the easiest method to start the bed bug elimination process.

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