How to kill Bed Bugs Naturally

kill bed bugs naturallyGetting Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Throughout the country there has been a lot of bed bug outbreaks. The rise of bed bugs has made it very hard for those that live in urban environments because it is so easy for them to spread throughout housing complexes.

The high rate of bed bugs comes from a variety of factors. People are more transient and travel more than they ever have in the past. Frequent interactions in different surroundings help spread bed bugs all over the place.

Many of the chemicals once used for treatment are not as effective as they once were, indicating that bed bugs have developed a natural resistance to treatments. Here are some tips for ridding your home or business from bed bugs without resorting to many harsh chemical treatments.

Hot Water and Heat Are Your Friends

Bed bugs are unable to live in very hot environments. Washing bedding and clothing on a very hot wash cycle can do a lot to reduce the occurrence of bed bugs. While this alone may not get rid of an infestation, it is an essential step in the process. Make sure that your hot wash cycle is using water that is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying clothing and bedding at a high temperature will also reduce bed bugs.

Clean It Up

Piles of linens and clothing are havens for bed bugs. We all get busy and things can really pile up at times, however if you are concerned about bed bugs it is very important to not let clothing and bedding lay on the floor.

Telling your family that reducing clutter and messy rooms will reduce bed bugs is good incentive for the everyone to pitch in so the clutter reduction doesn’t just fall on one person. Soft children’s toys that come into contact with upholstery or bedding on a regular basis should be washed often in very hot water.

Get Rid Of Carpeting

Carpets feel great on your feed and add a lot of warmth to a cold floor. The unfortunate reality is that they are also a great host for bed bugs. If you have very old carpeting then it may be time to consider either replacing it or installing a smooth surface floor. Area rugs can often be more easily cleaned because many can be put in a washer.

Realize The Severity of Your Situation

This may sound dire but it is very hard to get rid of bed bugs if you live in multiple family housing. No matter how much you do to prevent bed bugs in your own home, they can come back via apartments on either side of you. Unfortunately many people don’t let others know they have bed bugs nearby so this stigma can sometimes lead to severe infestations. If your apartment building or housing complex seems to have a big problem, it is important to report it to your housing manager so the problem can be contained before it gets too bad.

Educate Your Family On The Signs

 While it might gross out some members of your family, preventing a larger problem is important. Teach all members of your family the signs of bed bugs. If there has been a big outbreak in your area it is good to educate before the problem starts. Small dark spots on bedding or toys, debris that looks like small black grains of rice, and insect shells, are all signs. If anyone starts getting red bumps or unexplained rashes, checking for bed bugs is a good idea.

Essential Oils

Not only do essential oils smell great, they can also help you rid your home of bugs without unpleasant odors. Tea tree and lavender oils both help discourage bed bugs. Misting some diluted essential oil around where you sleep can help prevent bites when you are asleep at night. Lavender is also shown to help encourage a peaceful state of sleep if you are feeling tired and stressed.

Borax and Diatomaceous Earth

Borax is available at any grocery store. It is a fine powder, just like Diatamaceous Earth. Spreading a mixture of the two powders around infested areas can kill bed bugs and prevent them from spreading to other areas of your home.

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