The Worst Bed Bug Infestation Caught on Video – Part 2

Yesterday we reported on recent shocking footage of one of the worst bed bug infestations ever caught on camera. After the skin-crawling video went viral on social media, pest controllers Peter and Mark from Porter’s Pest Control followed up by posting Part 2. In this new video, they demonstrate their efforts to treat the horrific six-year-old infestation at a London multi-unit residential building.

The footage can be viewed at the link below. But first a warning – this is not for the faint hearted!

As discussed yesterday, Peter and Mark were called to investigate an entrenched bed bug infestation affecting more than 20% of a London apartment block. They traced the source of the problem to one unit that was absolutely teeming bed bugs. Tens of thousands of the bloodthirsty insects were crawling over the bed, walls, ceiling and furniture. Alarmingly, the residents had been sleeping in the room right up until the previous day.

In the latest video, after thoroughly inspecting the entire room, Peter and Mark begin by removing the mattress and wrapping it heavily with clear plastic. This gives the duo a much better view of the bed frame, which is also completely infested with bed bugs. In most places, the white frame has turned brown or black with a six-year coating of bed bug blood, fecal matter, and dead insects. The bugs crawl around frantically as Peter wraps the wooden bed slats in more clear plastic. The camera pans around the skirting boards and plug sockets, which are also alive with thousands of insects.

Protected by his taped-up overalls, Mark proceeds to open cupboards and drawers around the room, which are also teeming with the parasites. He describes it as like a scene from a horror movie, and possibly the biggest bed bug infestation in London in the 21st century. Mark explains that every single item must be wrapped and removed before they even begin to apply insecticide to the room. This includes the resident’s clothing, shoes, luggage and other personal belongings in the wardrobes and cupboards. All of these items will be dumped or incinerated.

Peter and Mark also discuss the possibility of using heat to eliminate the bugs, however they reject this approach because they believe heating the apartment would simply cause the bugs to flee into neighboring units. Towards the end of the video, Mark visits the other rooms in the apartment, including the bathroom and kitchen, showing that these areas are also heavily infested.

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