The Worst Bed Bug Infestation Caught on Video – Part 1

Shocking footage has emerged of one of the worst bed bug infestations ever caught on camera.

In a video that is sure to make your skin crawl, pest controllers Peter and Mark from Porter’s Pest Control are shown investigating a six-year-old bed bug infestation at a London a11partment block.

The footage was posted to Facebook last week, and can be viewed at the link below. Brace yourself, and don’t watch this while eating your dinner or preparing for bed!

The pest exterminators explain that they have inspected all 135 apartments across six levels of the building, and they finally traced the source of the bed bug problem to this specific unit. The couple who normally reside in the unit have been evicted for their own protection, but they have been living with these bed bugs for six years, and were sleeping in the unit right up until the previous night.

The video is truly disgusting. Tens of thousands of bugs are crawling across the bed and in and out of cracks in the walls. The situation is so bad that Peter has used duct tape to seal his overalls, shoes and gloves, to ensure the tiny creatures can’t get inside. He points out that the prime bed bug hiding spots, such as creases in the sheets, are already packed with bugs, which is why so many bugs are crawling around in the open.

The normal residents of the apartment had visited many other units in the building, helping to spread the outbreak throughout the entire block. In the other apartments directly connected to this one, bed bugs were seen pouring through the walls in great numbers. The infestation had plagued the apartment block for six years, with resident all trying to eradicate bugs from their own units. But without a coordinated approach to extermination, the problem persisted and the bugs kept coming back.

Mark reveals that it’s probably the worst infestation they have ever seen. Everything in the unit will need to be wrapped, sealed, removed and treated with insecticide. The entire apartment will need to be thoroughly sprayed. Peter and Mark have already treated thirteen units in the building, but they decided to capture footage of this one to raise awareness about bed bugs and show how bad things can get if an outbreak is left untreated. Twenty percent of the building is believed to be infested.

The 12-minute video shows the mattress, bed sheets and blankets covered in thousands of bed bug eggs, nymphs, fecal matter and blood spots where the parasites have been feasting on their unfortunate human hosts over many years.The previously white striped duvet cover has turned brown due to the extent of the infestation. Peter and Mark also highlight bulges in the ceiling where swarms of the bloodsucking creatures have formed vast colonies, in addition to large groups of the insects crawling around plug sockets and under a fan.

Mark and Peter also posted a follow-up video capturing their efforts to treat the infestation. We’ll summarize that video in our next Bed Bug Guide article.

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