4 Common Bed Bug Myths – Believe These At Your Peril

Did you know that 13% of Americans have either suffered from bed bugs, or know someone who has? Despite this there are a number of common bed bug myths that continue to spread, and believing these could be harming you and your family.

Myth 1: Bed bugs are only present in dirty homes

Bed bugs don’t discriminate, they appear in even the cleanest of environments. It’s easy to transport them into your home from outside environments such as movie theaters, the subway and hotels.

Myth 2: If you can’t see them, they’re not there

Bed Bug On CarpetIt’s true that the adult sized bugs are visible to the naked eye, but their eggs are near invisible. If you wake up with bites, but can’t see any evidence of bugs, that may just be hiding (bed bugs are nocturnal), ready to strike the next night.

Myth 3: You need to dispose of your mattress and clothes after a bed bug infestation

With proper treatment, you don’t need to throw out that expensive shirt or memory foam mattress. Once the bugs and their eggs are removed, you can continue to use these as normal. No need to resort to extreme measures like covering your furniture with plastic wrap either.

Myth 4: The only way to truly eliminate bed bugs is by using a professional exterminator

While a good exterminator is guaranteed to remove your infestation, there is a cheaper solution that is just as effective. There are special spray formulas that you can apply yourself that kill both bugs and their eggs.

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