6 Steps to Take Immediately after Discovering Bed Bugs

You’ve found a bed bug.

You’re flooded with uneasy feelings and sensations. You begin to feel anxious, even paranoid. As if someone would violate your personal space. Perhaps you even start to doubt yourself.

Questions such as:

  • “Is this speck of dirt a bed bug?”
  • “Am I unclean?”
  • “What should I do?”
  • “What will happen when people find out?”
  • “How much time and money will this pest rob me of?”
  • “Is something crawling on me right now?”

ruminate through your head.

You must refocus your thoughts to prevent the idea overwhelm you. To stop contemplating and act. Quickly!

We’ve prepared a list of things you should do right away when you’re certain you have bed bugs (if you’re not, check This guide):

1. Don’t Panic!

Yes, bed bugs are a stubborn pest, hard to uproot, but not impossible to get rid of. Anyone can be free of them if (s)he follows the correct steps. For a start – do not throw away your items, as you can save most of them. Not only this would be expensive for you, but infested items can also even spread the infestation to your neighbors. 

2. Conduct a thorough inspection

Be sure to thoroughly inspect your bedroom, as bed bugs are small, superb at hiding, and nocturnal. If you have them, you will most likely find their signs before the infestation is really severe. Do not neglect to inspect your entire home, as bed bugs can hide in other places besides your bed and bedroom. You will need to treat those as well if you find them infected.

3. Isolate the affected area

The first active step is limiting the infestation spread by preventing bed bugs from expanding to other parts of your home. This includes activities such as placing textiles in sealed bags or containers, Isolating the Bed, and removing the clutter from the infested area. The latter will also help you find and remove potential bed bug hiding spots. Sealed, yet untreated items must stay closed for up to a year to ensure bed bugs in them die. Keep in mind that proper item isolation also removes the need of throwing it away.

Bed Bug Hiding Spots

4. Vacuum

Frequent vacuuming will limit the bed bug population and help somewhat with the number of nightly bites. Treat the bed (mattress, frames, headboards) from all sides, area under the bed, rugs, floors, and upholstery. Operate at maximum suction power and use special attachments to increase the suction in the small, hard-to-access areas even further. If possible, use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. If you do not have it, replace the vacuum bag after each treatment, and place it into a sealed bag. Dispose of it immediately after the activity, since the bed bugs in it are still alive.

5. Remove potential hiding spots

Remove as many cracks and crevices as possible in the 10ft area around the infected area. Do this by isolating the elements, organizing the environment, repairing the material, filling it with silicon caulk (or a similar sealant), or even just taping a strong tape over it. Focus on the bed, bedroom, floor, walls, furniture, and other tangible belongings.

6. Heat-treat all potentially infested items

Temperatures of 120°F or higher will kill the bed bug. Wash and tumble dry any potentially infested items in a hot medium. If you cannot, you should use a designated laundry detergent. This should become a regular weekly practice until the infestation is completely removed.

After doing these steps you now have time to decide on the proper method to remove the infestation.

If you are not pressed by time and are keen on saving a few hundred, if not thousands of dollars, you should investigate the Do-It-Yourself treatments. There are several options available, but we recommend using SayByeBugs. It is safe (non-toxic for humans and pets), proven to kill, and under a guarantee. The product and its company have a great track record ranging since 2016. Besides the product, they support you with all the necessary information, guides, and tips for an effective DIY bed bug treatment. For other kinds of bed bug treatments, their advantages and disadvantages you may check this comprehensive guide.

If however, you are under time pressure and have no problems paying a few thousand dollars, you should check Pest Control Service providers. Refer to this Article for tips on selecting the best Pest Control Service Provider for you.

Keep in mind that eliminating bed bugs can be a complex process and may need several treatments and/or types of approaches. It is best to educate yourself thoroughly before starting the process. We recommend checking other articles about Bed Bug Treatment. This way you ensure to get rid of bed bugs in the shortest amount of time and remain so as long as possible.

Your BedBugGuide Team

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