How to Identify a Bed Bug?


Bed bugs are tiny insects. The egg size: 1/16 inch, adult size: 3/16-1/4 inch long. They are broadly oval, flat, brown to reddish-brown color, with a 3-segmented beak, 4-segmented antennae, and 6 legs. They have very thin, flattened bodies covered with short, yellow-colored hairs. Bed bugs cannot fly, but can only walk.

They give off a distinctive “musty-sweetish” odor, due to certain “alarm” chemicals that are produced by their glands.

Additional cues that signal you have Bed Bugs are: eggs, casts skins, fecal stains, and blood spots on the bed or its proximity. 

One way to be certain you have bed bugs is to compare them with the existing photos of bed bugs. See below and here for more photo examples. 

Photos of adult bed bugs. Source:

Is there however an even easier way?


BedBugGuide’s Team recently developed a one-of-a-kind Online Tool that will help you identify a Bed Bug anytime and anywhere with a snap of a button. Oh, and it is completely Free of charge! Check out this FREE bed bug detection tool that uses Artifical Intelligence (AI) to identify bed bugs instantly on this website.  


It is ideal when you:

  1. have some kind of pest but are not sure what you have. 
  2. do not know or do not want to learn how to professionally identify bed bugs. You also would not like to pay or wait for a professional to perform the identification.
  3. do not want to lose time with the bug’s identification.  
  4. have been using bed bug removal products, yet it seems like the bed bugs are still there. There are some other insects besides bed bugs that bite, sting and drink blood.

In all of those cases, it makes sense to double-check if the bugs you have are really bed bugs.

It only takes 3 clicks and a few seconds to get the answer you are looking for.

No fees and no login are required. 


If your suspicions have been confirmed, and you really have bed bugs, you now proceed to the next step – bed bug treatment.

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today we highly recommend SayByeBugs. It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

SayByeBugs is a water-based formula that uses a very effective active ingredient that is completely deadly to bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. It is non-toxic, yet it kills bed bugs. How? The main active ingredient in SayByeBugs’ product is a chemical surfactant that is effective in killing bed bugs and other insects by instantly degrading the proteins found in their exoskeleton. Once the protein membrane is washed away (denatured) this then allows the fluids within the exoskeleton to leave. The bugs become as a result dehydrated to the point of their death. 

This little spray has been a secret weapon for all who want to get rid of bed bugs and care about the health of themselves, their family, and their pets. That, plus they also do not want to spend thousands of dollars for expensive extermination services. The formula has been tested and proven to destroy bed bugs on contact in a University and in an Independent Laboratory. So unlike most other products, it has science backing it up. On top of it, it has been on the market since 2015. Since then it has helped over a quarter of a million homes in the US to be bed bug-free.

Besides SayByeBugs not using any toxins, it also leaves no odor or stains. This means you can safely apply it to all surfaces and fabrics. The formula is even biodegradable, so its effect on the environment is minimal.

The way it works is that you spray a light mist on any surfaces where bed bugs might be hiding on. The formula will destroy them in seconds. Want to know more or see it in action? Click on the button below to proceed to SayByeBugs

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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