Bed Bug News Roundup – Top Bed Bug Stories for June-July 2017

In the world of bed bugs and pest control, there are always plenty of interesting stories making the news each week. At Bed Bug Guide, we like to keep our ear to the ground and stay informed about the latest developments. This is the first in our series of our regular news roundups, in which we summarize the top headlines that grabbed our attention over the past month.


British parliament infested with bed bugs.

1. British Parliament Infested With Bed Bugs

UK pest exterminators are taking urgent action to deal with a serious bed bug infestation at the Palace of Westminster and 7 Millbank – office locations for many British MPs. There is concern that the parasites – notoriously difficult to eradicate – may spread to other areas. Employees and members have been advised to consult the National Health Service if they’ve been bitten. It’s just the latest in a series of pest-related issues for Parliament, which has spent over one hundred thousand pounds combating flies, moths, pigeons and vermin in the past year. “Usually the public thinks parliament is stuffed with pests, but this time it is actually true”, joked former Leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron.

2. Bed Bug Epidemic in Long Beach has Residents Scratching

In Long Beach California, a recent bed bug epidemic is causing chaos among residents. At the Plymouth West apartments on Chestnut Avenue, 84 of the 196 units have been treated in the past year, and 19 have been treated multiple times. Densely populated cities like Long Beach are more vulnerable to infestation than sparsely populated areas. LA is the country’s sixth worst metro area for bed bugs, behind Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York and Columbus Ohio. LA County Public Health spokesperson Katie Martel said the county received 1,494 bed-bug complaints over the year to June 30.


3. Bed Bugs Run Rampant in Denver, Colorado

Tourists are flocking to Denver this summer, but not all visitors are of the two-legged variety. The state of Colorado is suffering an infestation of bed bugs, with Denver exterminator Jacob Marsh estimating over 3,500 Denver homes are treated each year. “It’s infestation levels over the whole city pretty much. Right now we’re working 6 or 7 days a week,” said Marsh. Columbine Towers has seen over 60% of its apartments infested with the parasites over the past 24 months. Denver Environmental Health Director Danica Lee says large apartment complexes can be difficult to treat since every tenant must permit their apartment to be sprayed.

4. New Laws Help Landlords and Tenants to Combat Bed Bugs

On July 1, a new law came into effect in California setting out obligations for landlords and tenants. If tenants suspect the presence of bed bugs, they’re obliged to notify the landlord, who is required to take corrective action. Landlords can’t penalize tenants for reporting bed bugs, however if the tenant fails to notify the landlord then the tenant may be billed for any remediation costs. When a tenant departs, the landlord must provide new tenants with the pest controller’s findings and resolution reports, and confirmation that no bed bugs are currently present. Landlords are prohibited from showing or leasing an infested unit.

5. Vancouver Police Department Opens Bed Bug Killing Room

The VPD has taken steps to ensure bed bugs don’t take up residence in their buildings or on their officer’s uniforms. They’ve installed a special treatment room that heats up to 48 degrees Celsius, killing any parasites that may be crawling on clothes or equipment. Officers, who conduct foot patrols in the Downtown Eastside area and come into contact with the bugs, expressed concerned about bringing home an infestation. “Some members had some fear that they may bring the bed bugs home with them,” said Sergeant Jason Robillard.

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