Bed Bug Traps and Where to Place Them

bed bug trapsThe pesky insects that invade your bed and leave itchy welts on your body throughout the night are known as bed bugs. Eliminating these pests often proves difficult for most residents, as an entire family of them fills the area at one time. Adults are not the only problem. There are eggs left to grow as well. Placing bed bug traps is a good way to eliminate most of these bugs, but you need to know the best places to put them if you want effective bed bug traps that do the job that is intended.

Over the Mattress

The main location you should place a bed bug trap is over your mattress. This is the most common place you will find them hiding. A mattress cover works as an effective bed bug trap. It seals the bugs inside so they have no chance of escaping. These bugs die from lack of feeding over time. An average mattress cover works well, but there are actually bed bug-specific covers on the market. These types provide a zippered closure that allow you to seal the bugs inside effectively. They also protect against allergens, which is an added bonus. Covers range in size from twin to king, so you can keep your mattress safe from bugs no matter how big or small it is.

Near Furniture

You should create handmade traps and place them near furniture where bed bugs are suspected. Both beds and couches are common locations for bed bugs to reside. A simple combination of yeast, sugar, and water works well. Together these ingredients combine to release carbon dioxide. This gas is released by you when you are sleeping. The bugs are attracted by this gas and will flock to it once they detect the scent. The sugar works to ferment the yeast, which is when the carbon dioxide gets released. One of the best containers for this trap is an overturned dog or cat dish. The height makes it difficult for the bugs to climb back out of once they are stuck inside. Mix together one and a half quarts of water, two tablespoons of yeast, and about 10 tablespoons of sugar. Put the ingredients in an old cup and place that cup in the overturned dish.

In the Closet

Bed bugs do not always remain on a bed. They sometimes find solace in a darker area when they are not attempting to feed. This may mean you find a nest of them in a corner or a closet. Placing a trap inside a closet can help narrow down the population. There are inexpensive bed bug traps you may purchase from a store. They are non-toxic and will not cause harm to your pets if you have them. Many of these store-bought bed bug traps can last up to four weeks.

Under the Bed

You should place both homemade and store-bought bed bug traps directly under your bed. The bugs feast on your blood throughout the night. Rather than heading in your direction, the traps direct their attention to a new location. You could place them there a few hours before you plan on heading to bed. This gives the bugs more of a chance to come out of hiding and see for themselves what is inside the traps. This will catch them before they have a chance to come to you once you head to bed.

Around the House

Rather than placing bed bug traps in certain areas, many people purchase sprays and powders that can go around the entire house. This is especially helpful if the infestation has spread to several areas and is no longer contained in only one room. These powders and sprays are not actually traps that simply catch the bugs like the others. They actually work to kill the bugs once the insects come in contact with the substance. Most are not a direct kill though, as the substance takes time to work through the bug’s system.

Trapping bugs often proves difficult. You can accomplish the task though, as long as you know which bed bug traps to use and the best places to put them. Bed bug traps ensure the pesky creatures get removed from the home so they are no longer a nuisance to you and your family.

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