Bed Bug Treatment: The Natural Way

bed bug treatmentIf there is a good thing about having an infestation of bed bugs, it’s that there are many ways to exterminate them. Many treatments are natural and non-toxic to people and pets. With so many options, you may choose to play it safe and select a safe, natural way to get rid of bed bugs.

Risks of Toxic Chemicals

Chemicals that are toxic to bed bugs can also be toxic to people and their pets. Risks include cancer, acute neurotoxicity, allergic reactions, asthma, and skin irritations. Pesticides may include active or inert chemicals. Active chemicals kill or repel pests while inert chemicals attract pests or preserve the shelf- life of the pesticide.

The EPA requires pesticide and insecticide companies to list the active ingredients on their packaging. Inert ingredients may be toxic, but the EPA does not require the companies to label their products with warnings about toxins. The EPA requires toxicity labels on all pesticides including:

  • Caution-slightly toxic
  • Warning-moderately toxic
  • Danger-highly toxic

Besides being toxic, after repeated use, bed bugs develop resistance to the toxins, rendering the chemicals ineffective. There are plenty of natural ways to get rid of bed bugs without exposing you and your family to harmful toxins.


Vacuuming is a great bed bug treatment. Vacuum the bed, frame, headboard and surrounding areas frequently. Use a stiff brush to release eggs from the mattress, especially around corners. Remove the vacuum bag outdoors. Place it in a plastic bag and put it in an outdoor trash can. This is just a partial step. You will need to clean and treat other areas of the room to eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs.

Seal Mattress in Plastic Cover

Purchase a mattress cover that is designed for bed bug control. They have a tight weave that doesn’t allow the bed bugs to bite while you are sleeping or escape from the casing. Keep the casing on the mattress and box spring for up to a year because bed bugs can live a long time. For severe infestations, just throw your mattress and box spring out and get a new one, but make sure the rest of the room has been treated first.

Diatomaceous earth

Go to your local gardening store and purchase a bag of diatomaceous earth. It’s inexpensive,100% organic, and non-toxic to people and pets. Sprinkle it in every area that is infested and it will quickly kill mature bed bugs and larvae.

Essential oils

Bed bugs will flee when they encounter essential oils, making them a useful bed bug repellent. They don’t like the strong smells. Place a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender peppermint or tea tree oil around your bed frame and mattress. It will keep the bugs away and keep your room smelling great.

Steam and High Heat

Bed bugs quickly die when exposed to high temperatures. Place your bedding, linens, and curtains into a bag, and then place the bag into a second bag. Wash them in a very hot washing machine.

Dry items in a hot dryer for at least a half hour. Throw the inner bag away and replace them into the outer bag after washing, because it won’t have traces of bed bugs in it.

For fabric items that can’t be placed in machines, use a steamer. Steam cleaning deeply penetrates fabric and pillows to kill bed bugs.

Double Sided Tape

Use double sided tape to create a barrier between you and your sleeping area.  When bed bugs try to reach you when you’re sleeping, they’ll get trapped in the glue and die. Place tape on the legs of the mattress and around the edges of the mattress.

Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is effective in killing bed bugs when the concentration is at least 91%. It dehydrates bed bugs and kills their larvae. You won’t find it in stores, but you may be able to get it online. Spray it on walls, floors, the mattress, the carpet, and furniture. Isopropyl alcohol can stain and damage wood finishes, so keep that in mind when spraying around furniture.

The only difficulty in using a natural method of bed bug removal is deciding which one to use. All of the methods work effectively and can safely be used around your family and pets. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one method. Try combining several natural remedies for bed bug removal at the same time. Remember that infestations grow quickly, so if the natural methods are not working, you’ll need to contact a professional exterminator.


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