Hedge fund manager shares his bed bug extermination secrets

Joanna investigates just how do people around the US battle bed bugs.

Want to hear how other people in a similar situation like you got completely rid of bed bugs? We’re always on the lookout for bed bug success stories in our interview series. Joanna from our team made sure to get all the “secrets” they used to help you get rid of bed bugs.

In this interview she talked with Reinaldo C. who’s in finances – but bed bugs don’t care, so he had to find a way to exterminate them.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers? Just to tell them a little bit about yourself such as age, profession, whether you live with family…

Reinaldo: I’m the person who lived over the years in New York City and then I’ve transferred overseas. I do a lot of software programming for Amazon and I do a lot of problem solving. I do hedge fund management and I do investment platforms over the years. In my house I do a lot of sales. I live in one of the, be surprised, I live in one of the poorest cities in United States: Kansas which is a very bad city, very bad city.


You had an experience with bed bugs, how did you first notice that you had them? What were the first signs? Do you know how they actually got into your property?

Reinaldo: This place, because this is something that I have been living here all my life on this city and the bed bug problem it get worse and worse and worse. We’ve had bed bugs for two to three years. My back, my arms and everything. It’s a big, huge problem over here when it comes to bed bugs and it’s an infection, it’s an epidemic. In the cities, it’s very bad.


When you realized you had them, what did you try you to do to get rid of them and how did you?

Reinaldo: I tried every stupid solution offered here that they’re trying to sell you here – get this and get that. Yes, I tried everything. Those things don’t work, it’s just a scam. I like a company who wants to improve but at the same time feel you’re comfortable. The more comfort, the better the company gets. Companies here nowadays, they don’t do that. This company (SayByeBugs) is good, I just wait over here I don’t have bug problem whatsoever I just keep buying, I’m just going to tell a lot of people over here. This is a company who have a good future when it comes to business because they will deliver what they promised in terms of service. Very good.


I’m pleased to hear that you had a good experience. How did you find out about our product, SayByeBugs? What made you decide to want to try it out?

Reinaldo: I went online and I saw the ad, I saw the ratings and I said, “This is more good stuff over there, what is in this?” That’s what happened. I was very pleased. In fact, remember for two years I’ve had a very bad experience, I had an epidemic problem which I don’t have no longer. I’m very happy.


Do you have any tips for our readers you might have bed bugs at the moment and any final thoughts?

Reinaldo: Yes, I want to recommend this product. I want to make sure that they get this because this company is very loyal when it comes to customers. It’s about the business but it’s about their loyal customers and they offer a service. Give and receive, that’s all they want. They make sure the customer happy, they want their customer happy and I’m very happy, I’m very happy. Now I will recommend this to anybody especially in a serious who have this problem. I’m going to keep ordering it because I want to help all my family and everybody over here.


We’d like to thank Reinaldo for sharing his experience! To read more about SayByeBugs click here.

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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