Jesse has pets, how did he get rid of bed bugs without toxic chemicals? (interview)

Joanna investigates just how do people around the US battle bed bugs.

The best thing to do when trying to solve anything is to find someone that has already successfully solved it.

This is why we’ve decided to interview people just like you and me and ask them to share their secret to success. Bed bugs are an extremely resilient pest that are spreading thorough the whole US.

How did Jesse H. win this battle? What are the tips he can share with you? Joanna from our team interviewed him below:

Do you have pets in your house? Is it just yourself or you live with a family?

Jesse: It’s me and my mom and we have three cats.

How do you think you got bed bugs?

Jesse: We had bugs brought into our house by somebody else. The girl mentioned, “Oh, yeah, by the way, we have bed bugs.” We didn’t really know how bad it would be and we didn’t even find out until two weeks later. And by then it was too late. I had found areas where there was literally a hundred just in one area. And it was insane. I’d wake up in the morning and I’d rub up my arm and there would be not one spot where there wasn’t a bite.


Before you tried our product, had you tried any other products and what was your experience with those?

Jesse: Yeah. I tried the typical, you know, Raid and the traps and stuff like that. But the thing with that which worried me was the animals. I didn’t want to spray and get them sick. So, it was a really iffy situation. I needed to get rid of them, but at the same time I wasn’t trying to kill one of my cats over spraying something, you know.


How did you find out about our product, SayByeBugs, and was there something that inspired you to give that one a try?

Jesse: Actually, I basically just Googled search natural ways or nontoxic ways to get rid of bed bugs. And one of the things that popped out first was your guys’ video with one man in it explaining how it worked and stuff like that. So then I’d figured I’d give a it a try.


Do you have any tips for anybody who might be having the same problem as yourself?

Jesse: Well, I noticed with the first case we bought, it kind of slowed them down a bit but then finished them off. If I had any tips for anyone, it would probably be really do a good check every crack and crevice, because until I did that I actually think for the most part we got rid of them. Which I’m surprised because at one point, it was so– it was almost embarrassing how many bites I had. And like I said, from someone bringing them here it angered me too, but until I went around the house and checked every little crevice in the sofa and every little crack.

You just got to check the places you don’t think they would be. But I just kept up with it and I would spray almost every other day in areas I was noticing the black spots and stuff. And also I was vacuuming a lot. Thank you for your product, honestly. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It was getting pretty nightmarish.


We’d like to thank Jesse for sharing his experience! To read more about SayByeBugs click here.

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