Bed Bug Symptoms and How to Treat a Bite

bedbug hiding spotsMost people experience insect bites at one time or another. Reddish welts are a symptom of many types of bugs, but when is it time to suspect bed bugs? If you’re noticing lots of flat welts or raised bumps, it may be time to check the mattress or furniture. Oftentimes the symptoms are mild but can be a sign of a much more extensive problem at home.

Identifying a Bed Bug Bite

The effects of a bite are usually localized. You might notice your skin is reddish in color and there may be a mild itch. Welts or bumps can be isolated or clustered. Sometimes they go in a linear pattern. Your face, hands, arms, and legs are the most common areas for bites. Even though bed bugs are capable of carrying diseases within their bodies, there has been no proof they transmit them to humans. Usually, bite marks go away in a week or two.

Not doing anything about the problem is the worst thing. That’s because getting bitten over and over again can eventually lead to other bed bug symptoms. The itching can get more intense. Repeated scratching can cause skin infections and even scarring. Some people develop anxiety and nervous conditions with repeated infestations, possibly leading to insomnia. The effects of bed bugs run far and wide, and that’s not counting the impacts of an allergic reaction.

When Is Medical Treatment Necessary?

Skin infections can be quite dangerous if not treated. It’s also important you know the signs of an allergic response. If you notice a bed bug bite and are short of breath, have chest pain, or tightness in your throat or can’t swallow good, medical care is imperative. Other signs of a reaction include lip or tongue swelling, dizziness, fainting, or a rash that spreads quickly across the body. Some people might even get a fever.

These bites, however, are sometimes difficult to blame on bed bugs. Many kinds of insect bites look similar. If you experience welts plus these other symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.

There are various bed bug bite treatments a dermatologist can provide. A severe allergic reaction can be addressed through an injection of corticosteroids or antihistamines. If you have an infection, an antibiotic might be needed, though if it’s mild just an antiseptic might be necessary.

Can I Care for a Bite At Home?

There’s no reason for medical treatment if you don’t have serious symptoms or an infection. If you don’t have a bad reaction, washing with soap and water can help take away the itching. This also helps prevent the site from becoming infected.

A corticosteroid cream can reduce itching as well. Non-prescription strengths are sold in drug stores so you can use them at home without going for medical treatment. A good tip is to try not to scratch the bite area, as this will cause more irritation and inflammation. A bed bug bite will heal on its own.

Treatment Options

Treatments for bed bug bites are straight forward. Unless a severe allergic reaction occurs, there’s typically no cause for concern. There is a risk for secondary infections if you have a systemic reaction. Health care professionals therefore recommend a follow up visit in case any other problems arise.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite?

While bed bugs are known to bite rodents, bats, or even pets, they have a keen preference for human blood. In fact, blood is their only source of nutrition. It is needed for growing and maturing and producing eggs.

The insect has small, sharp mouth parts used to penetrate the skin. You may not feel this at all. This is a very effective way of drawing blood, but the result is swelling and itching. Allergic reactions occur in response to proteins in the bed bug’s saliva.

When a bed bug bites, it is just looking for food. It doesn’t know any better, but we’re very aware of the results and the presence of these insects. Most likely you can self-treat a bite, but eradicating the insects from your home takes a lot more work and the help of other people and professional exterminators.

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